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EPOXY MIXER 4 Options Available

EPOXY MIXER 4 Options Available

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Single or Double Mixer

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Stop those pesky hand cramps with our handmade epoxy resin mixers. Perfect for Diy resin molds, epoxy cup turner accessory and beyond!

Our Epoxy mixers are made by hand. 

-This compact easy to use epoxy mixer has a 15-18 rpm motor.

-5 ft power cord, individual power switch.

✔ Standard Epoxy Mixer - Dual Epoxy Mixer

-This will come with a metal stirring stick. You can also use wooden sticks with the easy to switch alligator clip.

-The mixer can be used with either one or two stirring sticks. Will come fully assembled and ready to use.

-Dimensions of standard Mixer 6.25Hx6Lx3W

-If you would like a taller arm to fit taller cups just message us when ordering and we will make it taller no extra charge.

✔Large Epoxy Mixer  Base opening will hold a 2 1/2" cup base. Dimensions 7Hx5Lx5 1/2W

-The mixer can be used with either one or two stirring sticks. Will come fully assembled and ready to use.

✔ Standard tall Epoxy Mixer we wanted to give variety of using a fixed stirrer or having the ability to remove and use other stirring utensils.
We have included a alligator clip and predrilled a hole on the arm to assist in clipping your stirring stick. It is really your preference. Included with every item are directions if you would like to use the alligator clip instead of metal bracket and stirring wand which is already installed.

-Dual Epoxy Mixer with two on off switches allow you to mix one or two batches at once.

-All Epoxy mixers are tested before sent out and all turn smooth and even.

- Every item from our shop is hand made so items will vary from wood grain. We take great pride in our epoxy mixers / resin mixers and everything is inspected and packed with care.

- All epoxy mixers, cup turners and dual epoxy mixers have FREE SHIPPING. 

-Thank you for shopping with Full of Shine. If you have any questions please let us know. We strive to provide excellent customer service and craftsmanship on all our products. 

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